The Beaconsfield Leadership Workshop

The Beaconsfield Leadership Workshop The subject of the Beaconsfield Crisis has been raised on occasions during the campaign for the approaching Australian election (Federal election 2019: Bill Shorten meets 'real hero' of Beaconsfield mine disaster ). A great deal of mythology created by the media surrounds the crisis, much of… Learn more >>>>>

Proving Safety

One of the best safety articles I've read on Linkedin in a long, long time. By Greg Smith and first published here: Proving Safety Here is an interesting question. What would safety management look like in your organisation if you did not have to “prove” it? Would you still… Learn more >>>>>

Leadership and Vision in Risk

Leadership and Vision in Risk The focus of Australian Story on Monday 20 August 2018 ( is the extraordinary work of the Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross Sydney. The story is about leadership, vision and how to humanize people. At the Wayside Chapel they don’t believe ‘harm is a choice you… Learn more >>>>>

Risk Leadership

Risk Leadership The first thing one must do when discussing leadership and risk is to define terms. It is amazing how many people throw words and language about in the safety industry based on the naïve assumption of ‘common sense’ or assumed understanding. This is most pronounced in discussion about… Learn more >>>>>