Wisdom Based Safety

In a appreciative response to a blog on A Philosophy of Safety  John Phillips used the phrase ‘Wisdom-Based Safety ‘(WBS), what a wonderful expression. What a delightful expression and far better than the brutalism of BBS. More on WBS later.… Read the rest

There is no ‘Dumb Way to Die’

The sad story of Wilson Gavin serves as a case study for the naivety and unethical focus of Safety.  When one defines Safety as zero (http://visionzero.global/node/6) (the global mantra) as the absence of injuries, then whatever follows must be unethical.… Read the rest

Is Precaution a Virtue?

Safety is a balancing act (dialectic) between the Precautionary Principle and engaging in risk so far as is reasonably practicable (the ALARP Principle) (https://safetyrisk.net/when-safety-is-beyond-your-control/ ). Nowhere in the Legislation, Regulation or Standards is there any expectation of zero, this is… Read the rest