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quotable quote: “The use of silly and meaningless safety slogans matters, it creates a distraction and delusion that safety and risk are being addressed. We may feel good about speaking such words but they dumb down culture and distract people from taking safety seriously”. by Dr Rob Long HERE


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Top 10 Simple Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Safety

Top 10 Simple Things You Can Do To Dramatically Improve Safety (you will probably not find many of these in text books or regulations) …… Enjoy the rest of the article >>>>>

effective safety slogans STOP PRESS: Researchers Reveal The Top 10 Most Effective Safety Slogans of All Time


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Some classic and highly original safety slogans from our Number 1 Contributor – Russell T. who says: “We try to use funny slogans that are relevant to our pre-start on a daily basis”.

  • The word focus might be only small, but the meaning is HUGE when it comes to safety
  • A Safety Adviser is part of the team, be assured he or she isn’t always mean
  • When the sun is glowing and frying your head, find some shade and water instead.
  • The shutdown finishing line is in site, so keep incident free with all your might.
  • The RDO’S nearly hear the rest will be Bliss, just watch what you do if you get on the Piss.
  • Safety is the seam that joins the fabric of life. Don’t let a loose thread bring it all undone.
  • Pull in your head when low beams are near, or your head could be forced into your rear.
  • If you give somebody a hand, make sure there is a glove on it.
  • If your feelin’ beat because of the heat, do what you oughta and keep drinking water.
  • Use your brain. Avoid the Strain.
  • When rain comes down and puddles pool, cover up – protect your tool
  • Safety is the engine, and you are the key that starts it.
  • If you’re not safety conscious, you could end up unconscious.SO THINK ABOUT IT!
  • When working at heights and an edge is near, don’t be brave your next step could lead to a grave. Fall restraint will give you the edge to keep on living.
  • A good safety culture is built over time. It is never given


  1. Safety is our No1 Priority
  2. Safety is No Accident
  3. Take 5 and Stay Alive
  4. The Key To Safety Is in Your Hands
  5. No Safety, Know Pain
  6. Safety Is a Choice You Make
  7. A spill, a slip, a hospital trip
  8. Safety glasses: All in favour say “Eye!”
  9. Safety rules are your best tools.
  10. Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt
  11. You are looking at the person responsible for your safety (sticker on a bathroom mirror)


  1. Respect the unexpected.  Think through your risks.”
  2. Risk Makes Sense
  3. What do you think could go wrong and what can you do about it?
  4. Do your best
  5. Celebrate what went right


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Often, writing your own slogans can increase the effectiveness of your safety slogan or safety message.  A safety slogan written by your company for your company reflects your individual goals, and a safety slogan specifically written by you or your staff (for free!) can appeal more to your workers – try running a safety slogan or safety message competition! For tips on how to write your own competition and award winning slogans for safety: How to write your own safety slogans

A big thank you to all of our readers who have contributed some excellent safety slogans in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

We’ve spent a long time collecting these catchy safety slogans, quotes, messages and thought provokers from all over the internet and we think this is the world’s largest collection of the best workplace safety slogans!

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A big thank you to all of our readers who have contributed some excellent safety slogans in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Whilst safety slogans can be a simple awareness tool, they should be used with caution due to the unconscious messages they can send – read this article to find out more: Safety is a choice you make

Here is another article on the ineffectiveness of safety slogans in the workplace which may make you think twice about using them: Sayings, slogans and aphorisms .

Do you think there are better ways of communicating safety than by using safety slogans?. Think about having meaningful conversations with people and working with them on improving culture – that is much more effective than posting safety slogans everywhere. Please think about the unconscious messages you are sending when relying on this form of communication and awareness. Would you put these safety slogans up at home to remind your loved ones how to think or behave?

If you are still convinced that slogans for safety are a good idea then please read this article by Phil La Duke: Safety Slogans Don’t Save Lives – it will definitely change your mind!



This UK Company, Clarke’s Safety Mirrors, sells mirrors with safety slogans and safety messages printed on then i.e. “This is the person responsible for your safety”. This is a very old idea and I’m not sure how effective it would really be. What hidden messages do you think it may be sending? How would you really feel if you encountered one of these??? I just ignore it!

See them here: http://csmirrors.co.uk/site-safetyslogan-mirrors/

The UK forum “health and safety tips for beginners” has a discussion and some links you may find useful: http://www.healthandsafetytips.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=18292

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ADOT Safety-Sign Contest

road safety sloganA little more than a year ago it all started with peas-in-guac reference. Now those safety slogans on signs above Arizona highways will be written by one clever Arizonan — if only for a short time.

ADOT has gained a reputation for attention-grabbing safety messages on its electronic message boards that are aimed at sparking conversations and changing driver behavior.
This year, we’ve posted about 30 targeted messages, sharing everything from “Designated drivers make the best New Year’s dates” to “Aggressive drivers belong on an island of misfit toys.”

The Arizona Department of Transportation is hosting a contest starting Monday for you submit your own. See my entry >>>>>>

“We see suggestions all the time on social media when we post the messages to Twitter and Facebook. So, we kind of wanted to create a contest where people can submit their own safety messages,” Pacey said.

ADOT will take submissions for two weeks on their website. Then, they’ll choose the best 15. From there, the public gets to vote on their favorite which will be on signs across the state for two days in April.

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Out of this nettle, danger, we pluck this flower, safety.  ~William Shakespeare

  • For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind.  ~Eleanor Everet
  • Safety doesn’t happen by accident.  ~Author Unknown
  • “Safety First” is “Safety Always.”  ~Charles M. Hayes
  • Better a thousand times careful than once dead.  ~Proverb
  • Precaution is better than cure.  ~Edward Coke
  • Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.  ~Author Unknown
  • Who can hope to be safe? who sufficiently cautious?
  • Guard himself as he may, every moment’s an ambush.  ~Horace
  • Safety means first aid to the uninjured.  ~Author Unknown
  • Accidents, and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen – they are caused.  ~Ernest Greenwood
  • Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.  ~Author Unknown
  • Chance takers are accident makers.  ~Author Unknown
  • Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car.  ~Author Unknow


  • If you SEE something, SAY something!! If you SAY something DO something!! – Robert Morgan
  • Safety is like a member of your family. Treat it with disrespect and it will leave you exposed to harm. Treat it with respect and nurture it as you go and will remain with you always – from Sue C

Spanish Safety Slogans – Consignas de seguridad

  • A new one from, Carlos V. Collazo, San Diego, CA From his Air Force days: “A GOOD SAFETY RECORD DOESN’T COME BY ACCIDENT”

A nice set of workplace safety slogans recently sent in by Steve Fuller, Production Specialist, from Enova Premier, Princeton, Indiana – Thanks heaps Steve:

  1. Working together…work safely if everyone is moving forward together and taking responsibility for their safe work environment then our safety takes care of itself.
  2. Visualize, Internalize and Realize that safety depends on you so focus on safety every day and you’ll find that you’re Safe actions will bring lasting satisfaction.
  3. There are no guarantees when it comes to safety unless you are doing your part so turn your attention to accident prevention and stay alert to the possible hazards in your work environment so that you can take steps to correct or guard against them.
  4. We all find ourselves in situations that at times seem hopeless. And, we all have the choice to do nothing or take action. Your actions could save lives, so don’t be a bystander when it comes to safety.
  5. A Great Work Practice is To Concentrate on the task(s) at hand. Distractions, boredom or fatigue can lead to accidents and other safety hazards. Always remember a danger foreseen is half avoided
  6. The lesson for the day is time runs out on luck; obeying safety rules will save us from having to learn this lesson the hard way.
  7. No project, no matter how critical, is worth a lost finger, a blinded eye, or tragic loss of life. When safety becomes the primary guideline for progress, all parties reap the rewards of a job well done and done safely.
  8. Lead your teams by example in following all established safety procedures for alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.
  9. Prevent the worst and Put safety first, because being Safe today will keep you Alive tomorrow.
  10. How do you spell Safety? Safety Means Always Remember Teamwork 
  11. Safety a culture to live by; Communication Urge Leadership Teamwork Understanding Recognition Empowerment
  13. Safety is about doing the right thing, even if no one is looking, because safety starts with me!
  14. People, helping people all lending hands for our safety.
  15. The difference between a safe act and an unsafe act depends on the level of importance one places on doing what is right.
  16. The safety of our team members should always come before the production of our parts.
  17. “Winning at safety is like winning in sports. It’s not the effort of one person, but the focus and determination of the entire team working towards a common goal. You have to get out and give it your best, every single day”
  18. If you put good people in bad systems you get bad results so let us always remember to promote safety in all we do as to ensure our system works so our Team members will always be safe!
  19. When it comes to safety lets us never leave a team member behind for it is the responsibility of all that everyone goes home safe to their families.
  20. Although hope maybe a pleasant acquaintance, it is better to have Safety as your best friend.
  21. THINK SAFETY! Watch your THOUGHTS; they become WORDS.
  22. TALK ABOUT SAFETY! Watch your WORDS; they become ACTIONS.
  23. TEACH SAFETY! Watch your ACTIONS; they become HABITS.
  24. WORK SAFELY! Watch your HABITS; they become CHARACTER.
  25. LIVE SAFELY Watch your CHARACTER; it becomes your DESTINY.
  26. Take the extra step when it comes to safety, because if you just tell me, I may forget, If show you me, I might remember, but if you involve me I’m committed.
  27. Plan ahead, always put safety first.
  28. Because when it comes to accidents,
  29. Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
  30. But anyone can start today and make a new ending.
  31. Each and every one of us shares the responsibility of making sure everyone goes home to their family’s safe daily. We can achieve this by following the safety procedures that are in place, our families count on us, let’s not let them down.
  32. If You Know Your Eyes are Priceless then protecting them at work should always be your number one priority so make the right choice and use Eye protection always after all Your Personal Safety Depends on You!
  33. Living with your mistakes is harder than you think….Always remember that no matter what profession you are in, workplace safety is a concept, which should be taken seriously and followed meticulously Your Family Depends on It!
  34. The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side. So remember Courtesy and common sense promotes safety.
  35. We live in a world full of uncertainties most of which we have little or no control over.  Our Safety does not have to be one of those uncertainties if we work together and follow the rules.
  36. Take responsibility for your safe work environment. Have the strength to do the right thing every time even when it’s seems easier not to.
  37. Stop to think before you act. Accidents are not always the result of bad luck. They occur when someone decides – consciously or not – to take a chance. Be smart and avoid taking unnecessary risks

The 10 commandments of workplace safety

  1. Always be responsible for the safety of yourself and others.
  2. Always remember all accidents are preventable.
  3. Always follow company rules, regulations and procedures.
  4. Always assess the risks, Stop and think.
  5. Always be proactive about safety.
  6. Always deter from situations you’re not trained to handle.
  7. Always manage the lift.
  8. Always Be prepared.
  9. Always practice good housekeeping.
  10. Always take the safest path, never take shortcuts.


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Barry Spud

Barry Spud

Safety Crusader, Zero Harm Zealot, Compliance Controller and Global Pandemic Expert at Everything Safety
Barry Spud
What is a Safety Spud? Lets look at a few more spud head activities in risk and safety: 1. Coming on to site saying there is a safety issue when in fact there’s no such thing, it’s a political issue. 2. ‘Falling apart’ when people make choices that we think are stupid because they won’t do as we ‘tell’ them. Then we put on the angry face and think that overpowering others creates ownership. 3. Putting on the zero harm face, presenting statistics, knowing it has nothing to do with culture, risk or safety. 4. Putting on the superman (hazardman) suit and pretending to be the saviour of everything, this is good spud head cynic stuff. 5. Thinking that everyone else is a spud head except me. 6. Thinking there’s such a thing as ‘common’ sense and using such mythology to blame and label others. 7. Accepting safety policies and processes that dehumanize others. 8. Blaming, ego-seeking, grandstanding and territory protecting behind the mask of safety. 9. Thinking that risk and safety is simple when in fact it is a wicked problem. Denying complexity and putting your spud head in the sand. 10. Continually repeating the nonsense language and discourse of risk aversion that misdirect people about risk, safety, learning and imagination.


  1. i was participating in national safety celbrations .
    cloud you tell me 5 safety intivate ideas and slogans to me .
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  2. Unfortunately, safety people are not trained in language, semantics or semiotics so its not likely they are going to understand the trajectory or cultural impacts of their use of language.

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