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child safety netCHILD SAFETY NETS

Safety Nets For Life is bringing to Australia cutting edge technology—already used in Brazil, Singapore, USA, Israel and Panama —that will help to prevent child fall tragedies from occurring.

Safety Nets For Life imports ISO 9002-accredited polyethylene window and balcony nets from Brazil, where they have been commonplace in the urban high-rises of São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro for more than a decade.

For more information: www.safetynetsforlife.com.au



Tiger Grip non slip overshoes are an innovative and efficient solution for businesses looking to quickly and simply improve their workplace safety. They are inexpensive and easy to implement into OH&S practices. The ISO certified overshoes prevent employees from slipping and falling on wet, oily or greasy floors, while allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own footwear. Fitting neatly over employees’ personal footwear, the overshoes are simple to use and are machine washable. The ergonomic and sleek design of the overshoes makes them easy to wear and offers employees maximum comfort and support when walking on a slippery surface. Tiger Grip overshoes’ unique sole design and rubber formula improves shoe grip on all floors types and greasy surfaces and minimises clogging. They suit a large range of activities, industries and workplaces such as hospitality, aged and health care, the cleaning industry, supermarkets, food processing, roofing and sailing, …www.tigergrip.com.au

Company contact details

T :   +61 280 033 096
F :   +61 294 754 727
Skype : tiger.grip.Australia

CABLE COVERS – Prevent Trips and Falls

Do you rely on masking tape or mistakenly use Cable Protectors as trip prevention devices in pedestrian environments? Cable Protectors are a load bearing device designed to protect cords and cables and have no minimum height or contrast requirements. They are not designed as or intended to be used as a trip prevention device. The threshold for the maximum abrupt change in surface for pedestrian environments is 6mm (with the exception of properly constructed stairs and TGSI’s) and while there are a vast array of products being sold as Trip Prevention Devices, almost all of them fail this basic test. Until now there has been no one product that satisfied the 6mm threshold and was suitable for all floor surfaces. The Low Profile cable management system is the newest, most versatile cable cover available. 100% Australian made and owned. For more information go to www.fifteen4.com UPDATE: It seems that these products are no longer available – let us know if you find a suitable alternative. Closest we could find was http://tripsafe.com.au/ 

Barry Spud

Barry Spud

Safety Crusader, Zero Harm Zealot, Compliance Controller and Global Pandemic Expert at Everything Safety
Barry Spud
What is a Safety Spud? Lets look at a few more spud head activities in risk and safety: 1. Coming on to site saying there is a safety issue when in fact there’s no such thing, it’s a political issue. 2. ‘Falling apart’ when people make choices that we think are stupid because they won’t do as we ‘tell’ them. Then we put on the angry face and think that overpowering others creates ownership. 3. Putting on the zero harm face, presenting statistics, knowing it has nothing to do with culture, risk or safety. 4. Putting on the superman (hazardman) suit and pretending to be the saviour of everything, this is good spud head cynic stuff. 5. Thinking that everyone else is a spud head except me. 6. Thinking there’s such a thing as ‘common’ sense and using such mythology to blame and label others. 7. Accepting safety policies and processes that dehumanize others. 8. Blaming, ego-seeking, grandstanding and territory protecting behind the mask of safety. 9. Thinking that risk and safety is simple when in fact it is a wicked problem. Denying complexity and putting your spud head in the sand. 10. Continually repeating the nonsense language and discourse of risk aversion that misdirect people about risk, safety, learning and imagination.

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