Social Sensemaking – Free eBook – But You Need to be Quick!

Social Sensemaking – Free eBook – But You Need to be Quick!

social sensemakingSocial Sensemaking was first published in August 2016.

It’s a book written as a reflection of a ‘learning adventure’ of the Social Psychology of Risk, and inspired by Dr Rob Long.

While it was pulled together by one of our regular contributors to the Blog Rob Sams, there are various Chapters that have been written by Rob’s friends (and fellow study buddies/bloggers) including:

  • Gab Carlton –
  • Hayden Collins –
  • Dave Whitefield –
  • James Ellis –
  • Scott McArthur –
  • Rob’s wife, De Sullivan –
  • Safety Differently’s Ron Gantt –
  • Special mention goes to our mate Roy Fitzgerald ( who offered so much by way of critique and further editing.
  • and of course our dear friend, Editor in Chief and fellow critical thinker; Max Geyer.

The Forward is written by our very own Dave Collins, host of the blog, and life long learner. Dave shares his thoughts at the beginning of the book in an honest and real way; you don’t be disappointed.  The book was inspired by learnings that were facilitated by Dr Rob Long. It’s quite a journal of reflection and learning, not your ordinary practice in our modern day to day living.

More than 650 hard copies of the self published book have been sold since 2016, with many more given away during various presentations and training programs over thee past few years. Soon, Social Sensemaking will be released as a downloadable eBook.

If you’d like to learn more about the book, you can watch this introductory video:

Social Sensmaking Introduction Video from Social Sensemaking on Vimeo.

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