Next Generation Safety Leadership

Next Generation Safety Leadership - From Compliance to Care New book by Clive Lloyd from  - available HERE From the Foreword: "Safety as an industry is in crisis. For reasons that escape me, Australia seems to be clinging to out-dated, culture-eroding, fear-driven ‘traditional’ safety models and theories that we… Learn more >>>>>

The Hierarchy of Control and Covid-19

Guest Post by John Wettstein from Safety Strategies The below graphic ‘Hierarchy of Controls’ is a standard system promoted by the majority in safety as a reference for control to minimize or eliminate exposure to hazards. The below graphic how to apply the ‘Hierarchy of Controls’ during a Pandemic has… Learn more >>>>>

Process or Outcome?

Posted a couple of years go by Greg Smith here ( but worth sharing again Process or Outcome? Today I was reading a LinkedIn post lamenting the state of health and safety management, evidenced by too many "safety stickers" on a piece of machinery. A commenter noted that the situation… Learn more >>>>>

Safety How?

Latest from Greg Smith, author of Paper Safe: Hi everyone. Apologies that I have been so inactive on LinkedIn lately, but I have been busy trying to finalise my next book - Reasonably Practicable: cases and commentary, which is designed to help safety managers understand all the elements which go… Learn more >>>>>

In Honour of George Robotham and Geoff McDonald

George Robotham passed away suddenly in September 2013 ( He was a  pioneering Author on this blog, mate and mentor to many. George’s mentor, throughout most of his career, was Geoff McDonald whom he mentions and credits in many of his articles. George prepared “Geoff McDonald Important Concepts” a… Learn more >>>>>

Don’t Step on Nails

Guest Post by SafetySue When Covid hit, the next thing I found myself doing was assigning e-learning courses to employees on how to wash their hands. Granted, there is a skill to achieving disinfection through hand washing, but lately there is a lot of required safety training for some of… Learn more >>>>>

A Letter To The Editor

Dear SafetyRisk, It all started with a number. The number Zero. After working 10 years in the safety business, putting everything I had learnt into practice, I started to feel unmotivated - it just didn't make sense. I felt that it was more important that I was doing the mechanics… Learn more >>>>>

Sergeant Safety

Guest Poem by Sergeant Safety Standing to attention, only receiving disdain, Telling, Yelling, Commanding, this is not a game. Feeble excuses to my ears, lame, Those that don’t obey must desire pain. Salute me and my presumed rank, A status validated by the bank, It’s my duty to out-think, out-smart,… Learn more >>>>>

CLLR Newsletter May 2020

Theme - Affordance The Theme for this Quarterly Newsletter is the nature of Affordance. Affordance is the way context, objects and social presence 'afford' a response. Affordance and Risk All objects give off an ‘affordance’, they communicate and ‘invite’ us unconsciously to the purpose of their design and tell us… Learn more >>>>>