When Art Speaks to Harm

One of the fascinating ways we talk of concepts is to personify them. We talk about ‘the market’, ‘the economy’, ‘politics, ‘Canberra’, ‘society’, ‘Washington’ as if they are a person. We attribute personal value to these places and their behaviours as Archetypes. Most of the time we talk this way… Learn more >>>>>

Our New Safety Risk Header

Our New Safety Risk Header Regular readers would surely have noticed our new blog header. I want to thank my little sister Alison for her artwork. What makes her effort so incredibly amazing is the fact that she did this whilst recovering from recent surgery to remove a brain tumour!… Learn more >>>>>

Safety is an Art

Safety is an Art Safety has much more to do with Art, History and Philosophy than it has to do with Science, Engineering and Law. I recently wrote The Target Drives the Method about the subjectivity of determining ‘significance’ that is a precursor to this discussion. Despite the perception that… Learn more >>>>>