Safety Can’t Control Nature (or People)

imageSafety Can’t Control Nature (or People)

My (much) younger Sister is a talented artist and currently taking part in the 52 week illustration challenge. This week’s subject is “Green”.

What I particularly loved was her comment that accompanied her piece (and no she hasn’t been listening to me spruik!), I thought it particularly poignant for safety:

I love to see patches of green “weeds” growing out of buildings. It shows that despite our best efforts to control and redefine the world, nature, and the life force behind it, is stronger than we like to think. I find this comforting.

Wooaaah, as I was typing this post I got an email from a reader which kind of freaked me out in the nicest possible way (another  “weed”):

Thanks to your web site I can truly say I am starting to really look at this in different ways. I know its a life long process and I will find myself slipping back to the old thinking but hopefully as the time rolls on it will happen less.

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