Holistic Ergonomics

Orthodox ergonomics has a focus on objects and how humans interact with objects. The classic text for orthodox ergonomics is Fitting the Task to The Human by Kroemer and Grandjean. Orthodox ergonomics is framed by a STEM-only worldview and looks… Read the rest

Risk You Can Eat

The risk and safety industry just continues to get more absurd as it ventures into conceptual metaphor of eating and diet as it seek to make sense of the unquantifiable nature of risk (https://safetyrisk.net/quantifying-the-unquantifiable/). Then the industry goes into complete… Read the rest


Sometimes in order to think differently we need a new language, semantics, grammar and semiotics. This has been acknowledged in social psychology for some time. This is how Derrida and Deluze make a point about difference (https://monoskop.org/images/8/84/Derrida_Jacques_Writing_and_Difference_1978.pdf). Sometimes a new… Read the rest