Learning Styles Matter

There are so many factors that determine effective learning. The idea that safety is simply ‘tell the rule, repeat the rule, punish offenders’ is nonsense. The behaviourist approach to knowledge and comprehension only works if you are training robots. Amongst the many skills and knowledge teachers develop in order to… Learn more >>>>>

There is no HIERARCHY of Controls

WARNING: For safety people, please read more than the headline! Whilst some models are helpful they are never accurate. Models are symbols/myths that convey a semiotic purpose but in themselves ought not to be considered absolute. This is why we find metaphors and symbols helpful, neither are scientific or accurate… Learn more >>>>>

What Can Safety Learn From Playschool?

These days I watch a lot of Playschool, a children’s TV program on ABCTV (https://www.abc.net.au/abcforkids/sites/playschool/). Playschool is a pre-school education program based entirely on imagination and play. Everything about the show is basic - no fancy props, no expensive sets and adults (usually male and female) enact the poetics of… Learn more >>>>>

Dialogue Do’s and Don’ts

In SPoR we have developed many ‘tools’ to help Socialitie. Socialitie is the forming of meaningful social relationships that include: listening, hearing, caring, connecting and helping. One of the many tools we use in SPoR workshops is the Dialogue Do’s and Don’t Tool - just a simple little card that… Learn more >>>>>