SHEeple STEMspeak

Q. Have you ever wanted to impress at a virtual safety conference or zoom webinar event? A. Subscribe to SHEeple STEMspeak* Just select any three-digit number and the corresponding buzzwords from the grid below:Examples: 473 – synchronized reciprocal timeframe 688… Read the rest

When Art Speaks to Harm

One of the fascinating ways we talk of concepts is to personify them. We talk about ‘the market’, ‘the economy’, ‘politics, ‘Canberra’, ‘society’, ‘Washington’ as if they are a person. We attribute personal value to these places and their behaviours… Read the rest

The Poetics of Risk

The idea of poetics stems back to Aristotle and denotes ( experiences and non-technique (Ellul) focused modes of knowing and thinking (namely STEM). Poetry is one form of poetics but any form of non-technical expression and experience defines what it… Read the rest

Wrong-Headed Safety

So much about the safety industry is about wrong thinking. The STEM-only worldview has us convinced that good safety is about rationality and cognition. This worldview has us convinced in typical binary framing that the emotions and rationality are opposites.… Read the rest