Coronavirus and the Dunny Paper Effect

The recent run on toilet paper by Australians in fear and panic of the coronavirus serves as a wonderful semiotic for understanding human decision making. We could call this the ‘Dunny paper Effect’. You can see here shoppers rushing for toilet paper stocks in Woolworths: There are hundreds and… Learn more >>>>>

The Poetics of Risk

The idea of poetics stems back to Aristotle and denotes ( experiences and non-technique (Ellul) focused modes of knowing and thinking (namely STEM). Poetry is one form of poetics but any form of non-technical expression and experience defines what it is to be poetic. Examples of poetics are: semiotics, literature,… Learn more >>>>>

So, You Want Culture Change

Grappling with culture is one of the issues Safety does poorly. After all, the industry and its STEM gestalt are not well equipped to even define culture well. This is most evident in the OHS Body of Knowledge ( Once again, unless the industry is prepared to step outside of… Learn more >>>>>

What Does SPoR Do?

The Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) is not just a theory about how people make decisions and enact those decisions. SPoR is a way of thinking about work and how all work is social and psychological. SPoR is a very practical way of understanding why people do what they do… Learn more >>>>>