Risk and Safety as a Wicked Problem


imageIt is nearly ten years since the outstanding research by Wagner and Associates ‘Safety – A Wicked Problem’ was published (http://www.peterwagner.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Safety-A-Wicked-Problem2.pdf). The project examined responses by prominent CEOs to common problems associated in tackling risk and safety Read the rest

Incommensurability and Discourse in Risk

Incommensurability and Discourse in Risk

Group of Multiethnic Diverse People with Different JobsOne of the most important concepts discussed by Feyerbend, Laktos, MacIntyre and Kuhn is that of incommensurability. Incommensurability refers to incongruence and misunderstanding between linguistic structures. What this means is that disciplines are limited in … Read the rest

Where is Safety Leadership Headed?

The Pain of Reporting…article by Paul Nieuwoudt (first published here: http://leadership-observer.com/index.php/blog/where-is-safety-leadership-headed) – raises some interesting questions about our current approach to our safety management and incident reporting systems.

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Imperfections and Humble Enquiry – A Great Team Read the rest