A Picture Tells a Thousand Lies in Safety

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ ‘Seeing is believing’ These are common aphorisms about photographic media and images. Unfortunately, these aphorisms have never been true. No image is objective or neutral but rather carries a story that must be interpreted. Now, more than ever with applications and devices that… Learn more >>>>>

The Devil is in The Detail

If you ever wanted proof that people don’t read detail just try conducting lectures, webinars or courses on line and communicate through email. Very few people read email fully, slowly or properly. Of all the industries worst at this is Safety. It seems that this industry that is so excessive… Learn more >>>>>

The Arse-Covering Myth

The Arse-Covering Myth One of the most dominant myths in industry is that paperwork is an ‘arse-covering’ exercise. People seem to accept and tolerate paperwork for this reason when the reality is opposite, no amount of paperwork saves your arse in court. If there is no relation between your paperwork… Learn more >>>>>

Paper Safe

Paper Safe By Greg Smith. First published here: https://www.waylandlegal.com.au/blog/paper-safe I am happy to announce my new book, Paper Safe: the triumph of bureaucracy in safety management is available. It seems to me that at some point health and safety management has lost its way. Rather than being concerned about protecting… Learn more >>>>>