Ten Ways to Improve Safety

Whenever the question arises about improving the safety industry it is amazing to see what is invisibly declared off limits. Lets have safety improvement as long as no sacred rites or safety lores are questioned. Lets tinker about the edges,… Read the rest

Safety and the god-image

  The notion of the perfect human sits at the foundation of the zero delusion. We see this evidenced in all aspects of the global safety discourse on zero vision (http://visionzero.global/ ). The denial of human fallibility is the foundation… Read the rest

Framing Risk Through Regulation

  I watch with amusement every time some safety body claims ‘transformation’, ‘difference’ or ‘vision’. Then look at the next proposed conference and everything is just the same: opening speech by the Regulator, followed by legal speeches followed by the… Read the rest

Safety Sacraments and Rituals

Safety Sacraments and Rituals As Australians approach the time of year most dense with symbolism (ANZAC and Easter), it may be helpful to ponder the nature, power and significance of symbols, sacraments and rituals in relation to the safety industry.… Read the rest

Zero Vision but Purchase Insurance

Zero Vision but Purchase Insurance One of the realities of maturity in fallibility is understanding finiteness, vulnerability and risk. The profession of infallibility is a sign of a mental health problem. It’s because we don’t talk non-sense to ourselves that… Read the rest