Letting Go of Safety, Differently

Letting Go of Safety, Differently Criticisms  of the work of Robert Long and the Social Psychology of Risk (and “Safety Differently”), by people obviously frustrated with orthodox safety (Safety 1), include that it is: too “fluffy”; too academic; doesn't come with a step by step instruction manual or checklist on… Learn more >>>>>

Safety as a Worldview

Safety as a Worldview It is interesting observing the discourse (transmission of power) in safety regarding version 1, 2 or 3 as if Safety is about a ‘style’ of engagement and activity. A recent article by Kevin Jones highlights the problem (Golden Rules, ethics, leadership and workplace safety). As long… Learn more >>>>>

Safety-1, Safety-2, Safety-3

Safety-1, Safety-2, Safety-3 The idea that there are two safeties endorses a binary mindset that supposes that the second safety is radically different from the first. The general idea is that Safety-1 is a system that focuses only on what goes wrong, Safety-2 is a system that focuses on what… Learn more >>>>>