-Ism or -ist, Does it Matter?

When you visit Old Parliament House in Canberra you will see signs telling you not to hold the handrail. (https://www.moadoph.gov.au/).    These signs have been put in place because people have had severe burns to their hands. The structure is heritage listed and the handrails will not be changed. In… Learn more >>>>>

It’s the –ism That Matters

It’s the –ism That Matters There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be safe but Safetyism is a psychosis (see: The Sickness of Safetyism). There’s nothing wrong with Science but scientism is dehumanizing. There is nothing wrong with being rational but rationalism warps a sense of human ‘being’. The notion of… Learn more >>>>>

The Sickness of Safetyism

The Sickness of Safetyism When I do training and safety people attend there is invariably someone who introduces themselves by the nominal ‘Safety Sam’ or ‘Safety Sally’. This is how they are known at work and want to be identified and unfortunately are proud of it. Funny, I’ve never met… Learn more >>>>>