Study at The Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk

Study at The Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk

imageThe Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR) is proud to launch its opening for studies for 2017. CLLR is the only Centre in the world that accredits studies in the Social Psychology of Risk.

You can find out more about CLLR here: and download a Prospectus here:

CLLR is a self-accrediting college that offers 4 Unit Certificates, Diplomas and MasterClass awards through face-to-face and online learning. Study in the Social Psychology of Risk enriches knowledge in any area of risk including in: safety, security, enterprise risk, risk management, people management and leadership in risk. The study Calendar for 2017 is listed here:

In 2016 there were 48 Australian students who studied with the Centre and 32 Overseas students from New Zealand, Malaysia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands (The European students are pictured on the CLLR home screen). See what people say about study in the Social Psychology of Risk here:

International Workshop Linz Austria 11,12 January 2017

Dr Long and Rob Sams (author and founder of Social Sensemaking) will be conducting Workshops in Linz, Austria on 11,12 and 17,18 August 2017. You can register for the European workshops here:

CLLR has a European office in Linz.

People who complete a face-to-face unit are then entitled to undertake online studies.

The CLLR Logo

The logo for CLLR is made up of five magnifying glasses representing a focus on:

Social Psychology of Risk



Learning and,

The Collective Unconscious


The intensity of magnification, coherence and amplification of risk is a captured in the overlapping of the magnifying glass images.

The Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR) is managed by an advisory board (see Prospectus) that assures the quality of all programs. The Principal of CLLR is Dr Rob Long and Director of Studies Craig Ashhurst. Chair of the Advisory Group is Rob Sams and Deputy Chair Gabrielle Carlton. Presenters and lecturers are listed here:

Units on offer in 2017 are listed here:

If you want to know more about CLLR you can make contact here:

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