SEEK Investigations Workshop

SEEK Investigations Workshop

5,6,7 July Canberra

imageThe next SEEK Investigations Workshop is in Canberra on 5-7 July at the Balcony Room, Tuggeranong Community Centre, Canberra. This is a great opportunity to experience a new and holistic way of investigations in the framework of the Social Psychology of Risk.

What SEEK Investigations offer is an insight into the many things missed in conventional models of investigating. The SEEK Workshop is a skills development workshop. Participants leave with new sills and tools to better manage investigations.

The SEEK Program doesn’t propose that old models be abandoned but rather builds on current models (eg. iCam, Taproot, 5 Whys etc) by tackling gaps in method. The three day workshop improves skills in investigations that add value to whatever model one is using.

The content of the Workshop is listed below.

1. The bias of the investigator

2. Engagement skills required if early on the scene

3. Pastoral skills of listening, understanding trauma and loss

4. Suspending agenda and bias in regard

5. Sharpening listening skills, what am I listening for?

6. Language, discourse and symbols as evidence and indicators

7. Analysis tools for defining culture on site, critical thinking skills

8. The challenges of reductionist methods of investigating

9. Gaps in positive psychology methods of investigations

10. Investigating in Workspace, Headspace, Groupspace

11. Bias and perception of self as witnesses, eg. attribution and availability

12. The fundamentals of helping, what are essential helping skills?

13. The importance of understanding competing values in organisations

14. Understanding by-products and trade offs

15. Understanding Due Diligence

16. Understanding culture as a collective unconscious

17. Understanding cognitive dissonance

18. How the collective unconscious contributes to individual decision making

19. Improving Visual and Spacial literacy

20. How do I know what is significant?

Participants leave the workshop with a range of practical tools that can be used to enhance investigations skills.

If you are interested you can register here:

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