Stop Talking About Safety

Stop Talking About Safety Rob Long wrote an article last year (The Sound of Safety), where he said: I think sometimes the word ‘safety’ get’s so abused and overstated that it becomes the ‘killjoy’ word. Unless of course you are… Read the rest

Talking Risk Video–Anti-Fragility

Talking Risk Video–Anti-Fragility Dave Whitefield and James Ellis have a conversation on the couch around the concept of anti-fragility. They pose the question: “What is the opposite of fragile?” The answer is not what we would normally assume. The guys… Read the rest

Dealing with Incidents

Dealing with Incidents Most approaches to incident investigation focus on technique and process. This is important, gathering facts and compiling important information is critical. However, what most approaches don't consider the range of biases that come with being human. In… Read the rest