Gab & Rob Talking Risk

Gab & Rob Talking Risk

imageTwo of our cool authors Gab Carlton from Resilyence and Rob Sams from Dolphyn have put their heads together and started their own series of short video blogs to go along with their regular articles.

Gab & Rob are part of the gang who are doing the post graduate program in social psychology and risk through ACU ( and are keen to share as much of what they learn with the readers of our Blog.

Gab & Rob think of themselves as translators who take the sometimes complex language and principles of risk, learning, culture and leadership then share their perspective through telling stories. This is the first of the videos that they will post and they hope you enjoy learning about the various topics.

They’d also like to encourage discussion, debate and questions about the topics they talk through, they know that this helps us learn.

If you have ideas for topics that you’d love to hear Gab and Rob talk about, drop us a line and let us know. We’d love to hear your feedback.


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