Talking Risk Videos–Thinking Groups

Talking Risk Videos–Thinking Groups

imageIn this next video from Gab and Rob’s ‘Conversations on the Couch’ series, the guys talk about Thinking Groups. Rob talked about Thinking Groups in one of his blogs to give an understanding about what they are and what they are about.

Here they expand on that a little more to give more insight into the ‘why’ they have put them together and the ‘what’ they are all about. To put it briefly Thinking Groups are a forum of likeminded people from different industries with a common interest in sharing new thinking. It is about having an organic conversation centred around a topic each time they meet. The beauty of these Thinking Groups is that it’s a place to chat, discuss, think, learn, get together in a very comfortable environment without a specific agenda.

We hope you enjoy the video. For those of you who are keen to here more or understand more about Thinking Groups please get in contact with either Gab or Rob or just leave a comment below they’d love to hear from you. Alternatively if you’re interested in starting up a group in your area and want some suggestions or even some encouragement please also give them a buzz they’d love to hear from you.

As usual all feedback and thoughts are welcome.

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