Reflection Makes Sense

Reflection Makes Sense Organisations, despite their apparent preoccupation with facts, numbers, objectivity, concreteness, and accountability, are in fact saturated with subjectivity, abstraction, guesses, making do, invention and arbitrariness… just like the rest of us. (Weick 1969, p. 5) These are the words of Karl Weick who helps us understand that… Learn more >>>>>

Sensemaking and Signs

Sensemaking and Signs A while ago I wrote an article titled “It’s All in the Sign”. On reflection it is interesting that it generated two different lines of thought. The one line was about non-conscious communication and not overloading our minds and how that is helpful in us managing our… Learn more >>>>>

Managing the Unexpected

Ed: Ok, you’ve been asking for it – a practical workplace application of Safety and Risk Psychology Managing the Unexpected Karl Weick and Kathleen Sutcliffe published Managing the Unexpected in 2001 and brought many of the principles of the social psychology of organizing into the risk and safety world. This… Learn more >>>>>