What If I Valued People And Not Safety?

What If I Valued People And Not Safety? When organisations say that their number one priority is safety, it can have some unexpected outcomes. Setting, and stating, organisational priorities and values is a wicked problem to begin with. Nothing is neutral and everything has meaning, so when “safety” gets chosen… Learn more >>>>>

Sensemaking and Signs

Sensemaking and Signs A while ago I wrote an article titled “It’s All in the Sign”. On reflection it is interesting that it generated two different lines of thought. The one line was about non-conscious communication and not overloading our minds and how that is helpful in us managing our… Learn more >>>>>

Its All In The Sign

Its All In The Sign A brilliant essay by Max Geyer, submitted as part of his study for the Graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Risk - published here with his permission: Norretranders (1998) provides ample evidence that the unconscious plays a major role in communication. This paper looks at the… Learn more >>>>>