Our World is not your Ash Tray

Guest Post by Brian Darlington. His previous post: https://safetyrisk.net/my-thoughts-during-a-walk-in-the-forests-in-vienna/ In one of my previous blogs , I wrote about how crazy it is of governments to try control peoples habits like smoking during the lock-downs related to the Corona virus by banning the sale of cigarettes. I stand by my… Learn more >>>>>

Risk and Safety as a Wicked Problem

Introduction It is nearly ten years since the outstanding research by Wagner and Associates ‘Safety - A Wicked Problem’ was published (http://www.peterwagner.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Safety-A-Wicked-Problem2.pdf). The project examined responses by prominent CEOs to common problems associated in tackling risk and safety at work. The recommendations in the Executive Summary alone provide critical directions… Learn more >>>>>