The Social Psychology of Risk Event Exploration (Investigation) Knowledge

I can personally recommend  this program (no I don’t get a kickback!) to anyone wanting to undertake more effective investigations and who feels that there is something crucial missing with their current methods and tools – I PROMISE THAT THIS IS A COMPLETE EYE & MIND OPENER – I wrote about a small component of it here:

The Social Psychology of Risk Event Exploration (Investigation) Knowledge


SEEK Three Day Workshop


imageDates: 26, 27, 28 July 2016

Venue: South Melbourne Town Hall Community Hub

208-220 Bank St, South Melbourne

Overview and Content

DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE: SEEK Program Human Dymensions

What is your methodology of investigations? What does your method assume about people, events, social arrangements and decision making? Does your method consider the bias and personality of the investigator? Does your method consider the social psychology of risk in discovering and exploring the nature of events? Does your methodology consider how social arrangements influence decision making? These and a host of other challenges are tackled in the SEEK Workshop.

The three day workshop considers:

· The methodology (ideology) of investigation.

· The bias, paradox and wickedity of various investigation methods

· The nature of personality and influence

· Learning styles

· The unconscious in communication

· The semiotics of discovery and events

· The discourse of investigation language

· Critical thinking methods

· Visual and special literacies

· Causal and competing values

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop will be valuable for anyone wishing to develop their sense of critical thinking, social psychological understanding, improved methods of investigation and developing a more sophisticated understanding of discovery learning.


This three day workshop is part of the eight Unit Diploma (self accredited) in the Social Psychology of Risk offered by the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk.

Registration and Payment

If you are interested in attending this workshop you can download the flyer (Attached)

Or you can make an inquiry at

Registration and payment can be made here ( ).

Numbers are strictly limited to 20 participants.

Cost: $1650

What Participants Receive

All participants receive a manual, compendium, SEEK Tools and a copy of Dr Long’s latest book: Risky Conversations, the Law, Social Psychology and Risk.

DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE: SEEK Program Human Dymensions

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