Dolphyn Newsletter – May 2018

Dolphyn Newsletter - May 2018 IN THIS ISSUE Welcome to our third Newsletter for 2018, where we again welcome new subscribers, many of who join us after recently purchasing Social Sensemaking eBook edition. We love hearing feedback after people have read the book and we share in some of this… Learn more >>>>>

Dolphyn Newsletter – March 2018

IN THIS ISSUE This is our second Newsletter for 2018, and we again welcome new subscribers, many of who join us after purchasing Social Sensemaking. In this edition we share news of upcoming programs, including two in Auckland New Zealand, along with our usual news items including blogs, articles, books,… Learn more >>>>>

Helping in Safety

Helping in Safety Since moving from a field wedded to ‘crusading’, to one where the fallibilities of human beings are revealed in almost every interaction, the real differences between the fixing of Safety and the helping of Counselling are becoming clearer. For example, contrast the often controlling practices of Safety… Learn more >>>>>

I Just Can’t Stop!

I Just Can’t Stop! First published here: “I just can’t stop! I’m smart enough to know what it’s doing me, but its grip takes over everything; relationships, responsibilities, my very being. I think about it all the time; how can I get it? what if I can’t get it?… Learn more >>>>>

The Human Race…

The Human Race… It’s Christmas, a time of the year that can create both a feeling of community and togetherness (we) while (ironically) also drawing us easily into a world of ‘I’ and ‘things’ (me). Christmas, set within the Christian tradition, is a story about the birth of Jesus as… Learn more >>>>>

Good Grief…

Latest blog by Rob Sams and first published here: Good Grief… Max Geyer was a gentleman, an archetypal family guy, a real giver and a lover. After commencing formal post-graduate studies at the age of 59, Max would often joke that he needed to live until the age of… Learn more >>>>>

Dolphyn Newsletter–May 2017

A Focus on Mental Health A Change in Direction for Dolphyn's Rob Sams Working More Closely With Lifeline Some of you may know of my association with Lifeline Hunter Central Coast (LLHCC) where I have been working as a volunteer Director since November 2012. From next month, I will be… Learn more >>>>>

Safety Cries Wolf!

Safety Cries Wolf! Why is Safety so easily sucked into the practice of creating fear? It must be challenging to constantly talk of ‘care’ while at the same time acting in a way that induces anxiety. How does Safety manage this contradiction? How does it cope with the tension? Does… Learn more >>>>>