Coping With Paradox and Ambiguity in Safety

One of the temptations of working in safety is to portray a ‘wicked problem’ as black and white, simple and easy ( ). A wicked problem is any problem that cannot be ‘fixed’ or ‘solved’ and the more one attempts to do so, the more ‘wicked’ the problem becomes. Wicked… Learn more >>>>>

The Compliance Conundrum

  The challenge of compliance is also a challenge to critical thinking, this is one of the many paradoxes in risk and safety. When we comply or an organization seeks compliance this is all well and good only while things stay the same. When things change and adaptability is required… Learn more >>>>>

Safety Hits a Snag

Safety Hits a Snag The media and social media in Australia recently lit up over the overcooked Bunnings directive that sausage sizzle volunteers must place onions beneath the sausages in order to prevent slips and falls in their stores – supported by the trite platitude that safety is their “number… Learn more >>>>>

Policies, procedures, stress and the safety paradox

Policies, procedures, stress and the safety paradox Great article by Greg Smith. First published here: Something I have often observed over the years I have been commenting on health and safety management, is the Safety Paradox. The Safety Paradox supposes initiatives for health and safety have the capacity to… Learn more >>>>>