Safety Curves and Pyramids

For many years DuPont have perpetuated the myth that they are the “Worlds Safest Company” and a “world-class safety leader”. In the 1940s the company developed the safety philosophy that “all accidents are preventable”. Encouraged by their perception of success, DuPont eventually turned safety consulting, making chemicals and materials on… Learn more >>>>>

Dumb Ways To Drive Safety Video

Dumb Ways To Drive Safety Video We’ve seen a spate of dumb safety videos and campaigns lately, like: It does make you wonder if education and learning or Youtube hits is the real goal? The ABC Reports: The WA Government has resorted to a video… Learn more >>>>>

A Classic Old Safety Video

A Classic Old Safety Video There is absolutely nothing politically correct about this classic old safety video from the 1960’s! Unfortunately, it seems, that PC is the only thing that has changed in the last 50 years! You will marvel at the Safety Engineer at work, deciding what is unsafe… Learn more >>>>>

High Impact Safety Video

High Impact Safety Video Thanks to Merv Sher’s post on Linkedin Group Work Health Safety Leadership for All. This high impact video was commissioned by CLAC - an independent Canadian labour union representing over 50,000 workers in a wide range of sectors. It shows emotional and confronting interviews with badly… Learn more >>>>>