Dumb Ways To Drive Safety Video

Dumb Ways To Drive Safety Video

imageWe’ve seen a spate of dumb safety videos and campaigns lately, like:






It does make you wonder if education and learning or Youtube hits is the real goal?

The ABC Reports:

The WA Government has resorted to a video featuring children driving toy cars in its latest attempt to educate Perth motorists how to merge in traffic. Called “It’s Child’s Play”, the short video will run in a five-week campaign designed to show motorists, in very simple terms, how to merge without creating unnecessary angst or congestion. Transport Minister Bill Marmion said merging was a problem for some Perth drivers.”When I became Minister for Transport, the very first question I got from the media was ‘what do you think about West Australian people merging?'” he said. “We think it is child’s play. It is very simple”…………”But the message really is to be courteous. It’s really a no brainer.”

I couldn’t watch this more than once – it really is quite silly. The regulator couldn’t help themselves and have broken the learning  process down into 3 “simple” rules   – do you think this is $200k well spent? What are the by-products of these types of campaigns?

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