Two New Free Training Videos on Culture and The Cultural Values Framework

Two New Free Training Videos on Culture and The Cultural Values Framework

imageThe MiProfile Diagnostic ( is globally one of the most effective tools available to provide feedback to organisations on culture, risk and learning. This is because MiProfile tests implicit (tacit) knowledge (Polanyi) and the methodology is copyright to Dr Long. The MiProfile data base exceeds 70,000 respondents enabling extensive benchmarking across industries globally. A critical part of the methodology is not using the internet but undertaking the MiProfile in situ. In situ observation and evaluation are a critical part of the methodology as is relational observation, listening, semiotic assessments, qualitative feedback (using Nvivo) and social dynamics.

In addition to the MiProfile Diagnostic Dr Long has created a range of other culture feedback tools to help organisations with self-understanding. One of those tools is a Human Dymensions Language and Discourse Audit. The Human Dymensions Language and Discourse Audit taps into availability, recency and confirmation bias in language, semiosis and semiotics to evaluate implicit cultural knowledge in the organization.

Dr Long explains how the Audit works in a new video ( taken from a Perth Workshop undertaken with Roy Fitzgerald as part of the book launch for Tackling Risk, A Field Guide to Risk and Learning (

Introduction to Culture and Language from CLLR on Vimeo.

As part of this Workshop, Roy Fitzgerald used his unique semiotic tools (visualization boards) to help integrate the findings of the audit. You can see how this works in the second video ( Roy’s unique methodology in visualization and visual learning is used (and discussed in the book) to understand how values compete in organisations. Both of these videos are offered for free as a sample of how the online learning modules will function in 2018.

Introduction to The Competing Values Framework from CLLR on Vimeo.

Full details of registration and study format with the Centre for Leadership and Learning ( in Risk Online Program for 2018 will be available in the first week of December.

The Culture Values Framework was first put forward by Cameron and Quinn (Cameron, K. S., & Quinn, R. E. (1999). Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture. Reading: Addison-Wesley) but has been adapted by Dr Long to include a range of principles from Social Psychology incorporated into the MiProfile Methodology.

If you are interested in the Cultural Values Framework, Language and Discourse Audit or the Two Day Culture Visualization Workshop conducted by Dr Long and Roy Fitzgerald, please contact Dr Long at

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