Enculturing Safety

Enculturing Safety 30 July Speaking at a rally in Washington DC on 2011 Matt Damon stated: “As I look at my life today, the things I value the most about myself are my imagination, the love of acting, my passion for writing, my love of learning, my curiosity - all… Learn more >>>>>

Groundhog Safety Day

Groundhog Safety Day Everything we see, smell, hear, feel and taste leads our brains to think equal to everything familiar in our reality. Neuroscience theory tells us that our brains are organised to reflect everything we know in our environment, in the form of knowledge and experience. Our brains are… Learn more >>>>>

Counter Intuitive Safety

Counter Intuitive Safety Introduction Neuroscience research has revealed that our brains account for approximately two percent of our body weight, but consume about fifteen percent of our cardiac output, twenty percent of our total body oxygen and approximately twenty-five percent of our blood sugar. They are built up of hundreds… Learn more >>>>>

Under Par Safety

Under Par Safety Our brains are wired for inadvertence and laziness, not for attention and choice. So why do we force people to attend long winded safety meetings which bore people to death? Also, our brains are not designed to think in binary logic, so why have we created systems… Learn more >>>>>