21 Safety Engagement Tools & Techniques

unanswered questions - brainstorming conceptThanks to Mark Taylor from www.safetymatters.co.nz for sending these in. I haven’t heard of a few of these but others I have found useful. We still need to realise that no tool is perfect or free of subjectivity and bias see:  When the Safety Tool Becomes the Method.

Have you used any of these or are there others you could recommend – tell us your tips, successes and pitfalls.

21 Safety Engagement Tools & Techniques

  1. Acorn Test – a test to check on a safety mission statement to determine if it is well-defined
  2. Affinity Diagram – organises a large of hazards or near misses into their natural relationships

  3. Benefits and Barriers Exercise – helps individuals see benefits of a proposed change

  4. Round Robin Brainstorming – Use this when dominant members stifle other people’s ideas

  5. Double Reversal Brainstorming – Use this when people are running out of ideas

  6. Starbursting – Identifies issues that must be considered before implementing ideas

  7. Charettes – When a large group must develop ideas about various facets of a problem

  8. Brainwriting – A nonverbal form of brainstorming

  9. Hazard Concentration Diagram – Plots physical locations of hazards and links common traits

  10. Contingency Diagram – Uses brainstorming and fault finding to identify how incidents occur

  11. Continuum of Goals – Shows groups how to devise a general or specific mission statement

  12. Battelle Filtering – Prioritises a list of health and safety options

  13. Design for Safety – a method for carefully planning safety checks on a process

  14. Effective-Achievable Chart – a two dimensional chart for prioritising safety choices

  15. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis – a step by step for identifying failures in a safety process

  16. 5W2H – a method for asking questions about a safety process or problem

  17. Safety Importance-Performance Analysis – studies people’s perceptions of safety goals

  18. Is-Is Not Matrix – guides the search for the causes to a safety problem

  19. PMI – structures a discussion to identify the pluses, minuses and interesting points on a idea

  20. Storyboard – a visual display of safety thoughts

  21. Why-Why Diagram – identifies the root causes of a problem


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