Ideas for Motivating Safety Committees

Ideas for Motivating Safety Committees Safety committees are proven to be more effective than safety officers alone. A committee of employees pulled from various departments can more effectively identify unsafe areas than can safety officers by themselves. The employees are continuously exposed to the very elements that safety officers wish… Learn more >>>>>

Safety Committees – Fun Meeting Ideas

Safety Committees:  Fun Meeting Ideas Safety committees have been proven to increase safety in the workplace.  When properly set up and maintained, safety committees can be a fun and integral part of your safety management.   The problem with even the most well-planned and well-executed safety committee is that any committee… Learn more >>>>>

Effective Safety Committees

Effective Safety Committees An effective safety committee is one in which motivated committee members communicate problem solving ideas and promote general safety in all employees.  A fully comprehensive safety team demonstrates the company’s commitment to safe and healthy employees, and the team builds upon effective safety practices to encourage further… Learn more >>>>>

WHSO no longer required in QLD?

WHSO no longer required in QLD? Recent edition of UQ OHS News expresses concerns about the place of WHSO under new National Harmonisation Laws: The first and most significant of these is the proposed abolition of the Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO) and changing OH&S representatives roles to be… Learn more >>>>>