Safety and Human Error

Safety and Human Error George’s Safety Reflections – classic post by the late George Robotham When you pick up the newspaper and listen to the television or radio you will find terms like driver error, human error and pilot error used frequently as if this was the definitive reason why… Learn more >>>>>

Safety Myths

Safety Myths by the late George Robotham One important factor that influences how OHS is managed is the attitudes and pre-conceptions of those leading the charge. This paper explores beliefs, philosophies, concepts and attitudes and suggests some common ideas may be incorrect or unhelpful, that is they may be myths… Learn more >>>>>

Amazingly Unsafe Images

Amazingly Unsafe Images Safety Pictures and pictures of Unsafe Acts These amazing safety photos were sent in by a reader (please let us know if these are your photos and subject to copyright). The site is the 3km long tourist footpath being built around the Shifou Mountain in Hunan Province,… Learn more >>>>>

More Funny Safety Slogans

Funny Safety Slogans While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work Ladder safety has it's ups and downs. (also works with elevator and escalator safety) Safety is great unless you're late. Safety's fine if you got the time. A hardhat on your head keeps you from being… Learn more >>>>>