Short-sighted Safety

Short-sighted Safety There is nothing more debilitating to human ‘being’ than hyper-fear, hyper-risk aversion and hyper-safety. Hyper-fear and hyper-risk aversion is the outcome of blind safety and ignorance. I was contacted by a person who is a parent at a… Read the rest

Be Prepared for Risk

Be Prepared for Risk by Hayden Collins from I walked into McDonalds this week for a coffee and noticed that their latest placemat on their tray is a promotion for Scouts Australia ( ). As I looked at this… Read the rest

Failure Must be an Option

Failure Must be an Option The Australian Government wants to stimulate an innovation/ideas avalanche and have thrown $1.1 billion at trying to create a ‘boom’ of ‘agile’, ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ people seeking to embrace risk ( ). Just like the… Read the rest