Zero Vision as Propaganda

Zero Vision as Propaganda Propaganda is the ideological manipulation of ideas to support and defend political interests. Ellul (1973, p. 61. ) states: ‘Propaganda is a set of methods employed by an organized group that wants to bring about the… Read the rest

Don’t Dare Speak the ‘f’ Word

Don’t Dare Speak the ‘f’ Word The claim that Zero Vision ‘works’ has more in common with ‘faith healing’ (  ) than critical thinking. Dekker (2017, Zero Vision: enlightenment and new religion. Policy and Practice in Health and Safety,… Read the rest

No Evidence for the Religion of Zero

No Evidence for the Religion of Zero Vision Zero or Zero Vision? Religious studies demonstrate that in our post-science/post-text world the secular is becoming more religious and the religious is becoming more secular (Ostwalt, 2012, Secular Steeples, Popular Culture and… Read the rest