How to iron safely

How to iron safely

Probably one of the dangerous items, if left out, is the trusty iron:

· It easily unbalances off the board

·  it has a sharp pointy edge. And

·  it is hot if it is still on!

There are irons that turn themselves off, but if you don’t have one of these unplug it from the wall and move it to a bench to cool. Make sure the cord is not hanging off the bench or could be pulled.

The boards are also at a very dangerous height for a young one. They could walk into it, pull something off it and end up with severe damages to their head or body.

And unlike the stove – an iron does not look hot. So many children put their hands on it because it is there. Never leave an iron just sitting on the board and walk away to answer the phone or the door. Unplug the iron and take it with you and put it on a strong, safe, high table.

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