Flood Safety Fact Sheets

Download the latest flood fact sheet from Brisbane Council which contains vital information for residents returning to their homes. As the task of cleaning up following the flood begins in coming days, Council advises residents returning to their homes to follow these safety tips:  [Download not found]

The Red Cross Have also produced an excellent brochure that should be read by anyone involved in cleaning up after a flood Download it Here

Other Red Cross Fact Sheets:

  • Cleaning your home after a flood Click Here
  • Clearing out and drying out your home after a flood Click Here
  • Cleaning Furniture and Appliances after a flood Click Here
  • Cleaning your Clothes and Valuables after a flood Click Here
  • Repairing your floors after a flood Click Here
  • Cleaning up outside after a flood Click Here
  • Redecorating your home after a flood Click Here

Returning Home
When it is safe to go back to your home, there are some important steps you can take to keep yourself and your family safe as you begin the cleaning up process.

The following information has been sourced from Red Cross and Queensland Health for information.

Queensland Health Fact Sheets

  • Preventing Harm from Flood Water Click Here
  • Ensuring Food Safety Click Here
  • Ensure Safe Drinking Water Click Here
  • Be aware of Sewerage Contamination Click Here
  • Dealing with Mould After a Flood Click Here
  • Coping without no Gas or Electricity Click Here
  • Recovering from Flood – A Health and Safety Advice Click Here
  • Pets and Diasaters Click Here

To visit the Queenland Health website for more great resources Click Here

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