Everyday Simple Safety Leadership

Everyday Safety Leadership

imageSafety Leadership or any kind of Leadership is a pretty scary concept for many to ponder. (Read some of our articles on the subject of Leadership). I think it is because they assume that a leader is someone who must have the drive and ability and expectation on them to change the world. This short and easy to watch video debunks that premise. We have all done something that changed the life of a person in some way – we were probably just never thanked for it or gave ourselves enough credit for our leadership skills in that moment. Enjoy your next Lollipop moment – you will be looking for it after you watch the video!

The other video I have posted below it is also well worth watching and a good complement – it shows how easy it is to start a “movement” when you get just one person on-board – Leadership is over glorified – the real leader is the first to follow and encourage others to follow!!

Thanks to George Robotham  and John Wettstein from www.safetystrategies.ca for putting me onto this great resource. Smile

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