Training Workshops CLLR April to July 2020

imageThe following workshops are scheduled for April-July 2020 for those who are interested in studying the Social Psychology of Risk. If you require more information please contact or visit the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk website Online learning options are also available.

SPoR Introductory Workshop Series April 2020 Canberra

20,21 April

Semiotics and Risk

22,23 April

The Social Amplification of Risk

24 April

Whole Day Semiotic Walk

International Workshops May/July 2020 Canberra

10,11 May 2020

An Ethic of Risk Workshop

6,7 July 2020

MiProfile Workshop

8,9 July 2020

Advanced Semiotics Workshop

10 July

Whole Day Semiotic Walk

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