Mining Tragedies – What Could be the Response?

Queensland Mining Tragedies – What Could be the Response? We learned recently that Queensland Mining has its worst rate of fatalities in 20 years in 2014-15. ( Yes, this is tragic, distressing and sad for many families and friends affected by the loss of their loved one. How should we… Learn more >>>>>

Surely this cannot be serious?

Surely this cannot be serious This photo of a hi-viz wheelbarrow, complete with safety flag, was taken recently at an Australian Mining site. This photo is going straight to our This Toaster Is Hot page. Surely it can’t be serious or it would also have had a flashing light, two-way… Learn more >>>>>

Headless Chook Season

Headless Chook (Chicken) Season – It’ll bring out the best in you. Very amusing article by Merv Sher from Sher Associates about the inherent dramas of the the upcoming major shut-down and maintenance shutdown period in the mines – unfortunately many a true word is spoken in jest!!! Extract: Q4… Learn more >>>>>