Headless Chook Season

Headless Chook (Chicken) Season – It’ll bring out the best in you.

Dancing Raw ChickenVery amusing article by Merv Sher from Sher Associates about the inherent dramas of the the upcoming major shut-down and maintenance shutdown period in the mines – unfortunately many a true word is spoken in jest!!!


Q4 is the time of the year  when mining and processing operations traditionally carry out their major shut-downs and maintenance projects. For ourselves, involved as we are in commercial and operational risk management consulting, it is the most exciting time of the year.

This period is known as the Headless Chook Season of the year, the Project Manager’s equivalent of the Silly Season. Everything is in tumult, the Client has dithered the whole year about the shut-down, changing and changing again the drawings and therefore the Scope, and then suddenly awarding the contract with a two week lead time.

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