Some Bull$%@t Happening Somewhere

Some Bull$%@t Happening Somewhere

WARNING: Colourful Language Smile

imageVery funny video just shared on the Safety Leadership Facebook page. Does this remind you of any recent safety presentations or inductions you have experienced. Important to remember that, even when delivered with the best intent, our words may be interpreted or perceived very differently. When we hear ‘spin’ or aspirational goal talk from leaders and safety people we hear what they want us to hear, but most of us know what the reality is – more bull$&@t!

To quote from Rob Sams’ recent article They’re Only Words Aren’t They

To understand the influence that ‘words’ have in our workplaces, it’s important to consider not only the language and the actual words used, but also to analyse the ‘discourse’ behind the words. ‘Discourse’, when considered in a social psychological context, does not focus so much on the literal meaning of words, rather, it refers to the ideology that is often ‘hidden’ within words and the language used.


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