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Phil La Duke Contributes to Popular Australian Safety Blog

Rockford Greene International’s popular author and blogger, Phil La Duke to guest blog on www.SafetyRisk.au.com

Phil La Duke

Phil La Duke

PRLog (Press Release)Mar 07, 2012
(Monroe, MI) Rockford Greene International announced today that Rockford Green International associate Phil La Duke will begin guest blogging for Safety www.Safetyrisk.com.au   La Duke intends to continue writing his two weekly blogs www.philladuke.wordpress.com and www.rockfordgreeneinternational.wordpress.com and his column, The Safe Side for Fabricating & Metalworking magazine
La Duke’s first contribution, Jargon Killed the Astronauts appeared on the February 21, 2012 edition of the popular Australian Safety blog, Safetyrisk.com.au.
“I had been reading Phil’s articles for a while and really enjoyed them. I even wished that I could express the way I was feeling with such passion and yet still remain credible as many of the ranters fail to do.” Says Dave Collins, who edits the Safetyrisk site. “I was very jealous of Phil’s own blogs and his writing ability. I admired the way he challenged the status quo without pulling punches. I read Phil’s bio and realised that this bloke knows what he is on about.” Collins recalls.
La Duke admits that he was initially reluctant to contribute to the blog.  “I get several requests a week to contribute to one publication or another, and I am fairly taxed.  I don’t want to have my work become derivative of itself and right now I am posting to two blogs a weeks, a safety column in Fabricating & Metalworking once a month, and one or two side project articles for ISHN and Facility Safety Management magazines so the thought of even an occasional submission wasn’t all that appealing,” says La Duke.

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