New On-Line Learning Options with CLLR

imageIn light of recent precautions about Covid-19 and the need for self isolation, the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR – ) has decided to make all online learning modules available for people anywhere in Australia. In the past such options were only available for people studying from overseas. This means that no matter where you are on the globe you can study the Social Psychology of Risk ( ).

Online modules take the format of watching a video series, email reflections, journaling, readings, skype sessions and a closing evaluation video call with Dr Long. The introductory modules include a manual. Each module costs $750.

All module supervision is coordinated by Hayden Collins who is the Manager of Online Studies. Dr Long only participates in the final skype session. Unit completion takes between two and three months.

A record of completion is given at the conclusion of each module. However, completion of four modules receives a Certificate, eight modules a Diploma and completing twelve modules entitles one to become a Master of SPoR, what we call a ‘maven’ (change agent). All testamurs of certification include a letter from Dr Long that records the learning outcomes of studies and modules completed.

Completing a Diploma or higher entitles one access and use of all Intellectual Property of SPoR and CLLR, including all videos, tools and other resources.

You can download a prospectus here:

You can register to study here:

You can see the education team here:

You can see an introduction video here:

And other sample videos here:

If you would like more information please make contacts at:

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2 Replies to “New On-Line Learning Options with CLLR”

    1. Very nice gesture. Where I noticed most organizations are telling me how socially responsible they are, you are helping. Thank you. I have to wonder what unintended effects all the increased cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces will have? Having watched satellites go past in the sky for well over 5 minutes, I have no doubt this event will shift our culture even more towards online, and the 5G folks are the winners this round.

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