Response to complaints

A quick list of responses to a complaint which you may find useful. It was assembled, mostly in jest, by a little group of my esteemed recalcitrant colleagues, actually, mostly the late great George Robotham. Don't read on if you are easily offended. Happy for you to contribute your suggestions… Learn more >>>>>

Weasel Words in Safety

Weasel Words in Safety – Words that promise much but deliver little One of my favourites by the late George Robotham  Those of you who read my posts will know I am a big critic of the long, ponderous written communications, that seems to infect the safety world. Given a… Learn more >>>>>

Another Free Safety Ebook

Another Free Safety Ebook – “Learning How to Facilitate Learning” The late George Robotham's 6th Ebook: Learning to Facilitate Learning. Download this Ebook Here Learning How to Facilitate Learning By George Robotham Facilitating learning has been an important part of my professional life, something I have enjoyed a lot, something… Learn more >>>>>