Workplace Safety – Dangers and Solutions


Workplace Safety: Dangers and Solutions

Guest Posting

You need to consider workplace safety if you are a business owner. There are a number of reasons why this is important. First of all, you must be sure that you do not allow your employees to be injured simply because knowingly putting them at risk shows that you do not care about them. You should want to help them avoid these situations because they are the people who work for you, both friends and coworkers, and you should be interested in their well-being. You should also consider that their injuries could lead to workman’s compensation payments, lawsuits, and bad publicity. All of these things can cost you a lot of money.

Depending on your type of business, there are very different types of risks. The main things that all businesses share are risks on stairs and walkways, risks stemming from electricity and power control, and risks that are related to employees doing tasks that lead to accidents. You should consider these general categories to see how they can be connected to the company that you are running.

For example, an employee could be setting up a retail display poster. If this is being hung on the wall, the employee would be using a ladder. There needs to be another person working with them to steady the ladder, making sure it does not tip. They also should not have to climb to the very top of the ladder, so it needs to be tall enough for the job. If these things are not done, they could fall and be seriously injured. They could break a limb, get a concussion, or even suffer internal injuries to their spine.

As another example, you must think about the electricity when a modular display unit is being used. Many times, there can be lighting that goes along with these. The lights will need to be plugged in. If you have old outlets that are not wired and grounded properly, the employee could be shocked. If the breakers also do not work and they fail to shut the power down, the person could even be electrocuted. You need to have an inspector come through and look at the wiring and all of the outlets every few years to make sure that they are still up to code.

Finally, you need to think about “slip and fall” accidents when you are considering workplace safety. These are one of the more common types of accidents that occur each year. They often happen because a railing or a banister is broken, causing someone to have no support when they slip on the stairs or on a raised walkway. Appropriate safety measures need to be in place.


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