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SPoR handbook 1For those wanting to know more about the Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) Dr Long has released a free download of the first two chapters of his latest book, including forewords and contents pages. You can access the download here:

An important aspect of the book is its apologetic. An apologetic is a systematic and philosophical defense of a position. SPoR is not about exclusivity but rather contra-distinction to the dominant theories and schools of thought in the risk sector. The ideology that most dominates risk and safety is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

The various schools of thought in risk are mapped here: This mapping doesn’t intend to do more than demonstrate the ideological foundations of various approaches to tackling risk, show historical evolution and how SPoR is radically ‘other’ than most other approaches.

The Handbook itself demonstrates and validates the SPoR approach that is being implemented with many organisations Nationally and Internationally. SPoR is a very practical and positive approach to tackling risk. To date there over 20,000 books have sold globally and more than 45,000 downloads of SPoR resources, videos, books and tools. SPoR is being practiced in organisations with over 30,000 employees and down to small family companies. The approach is adaptable and flexible in the way it can be integrated and/or replace current systems. The recent International Workshop series in Canberra demonstrates this adaptability. Many organisations are using the unique SEEK tool for more effective incident investigations.

The next International workshop is proposed for Sydney on 3-7 February. This will include two workshops on Due Diligence and the Culture Workshop. If this is of interest you can register an early interest here: Dr Long is also expecting to be in Canada in March/April and Europe in May 2020.

The Social Psychology of Risk Handbook is the eighth book in the series on risk with three previous books available for free download:

Included with the many free download opportunities is also Talking Books and Videos from book five: Risky Conversations, The Law, Social Psychology and Risk.


Risky Conversations Talking Book

Risky Conversations Videos

Competition for Latest Book

SPoR handbook 2The next book (book nine) has a focus on Vision, and the importance of understanding the trajectories of what is espoused in risk. At the start of that book I will be giving examples of what a lack of vision looks like. For example, the Dumb Ways to Die Campaign, Hazardman Campaign and most recently the Mums for Safety campaign. What we see in such campaigns is a vain attempt to capture attention but with a contradictory message that undoes the very basics of what tackling risk is about.

The purpose of this next book is to provide a positive vision for a sense-able approach to tackling risk. The book will outline practical ways to tackle risk that work rather than slogans and campaigns that don’t work.

However, I am happy to view any other examples of PR campaigns/strategies in risk and safety that demonstrate a lack of vision. We witness a lack of vision in the many meaningless safety slogans and graphics that swamp the Internet. We see how zero vision ideology spruiks such meaningless language and discourse to try and build up its faith-belief base. Do you have an example of perhaps something that might be a good demonstration of a lack of vision in risk and safety?

For a complementary copy of the SPoR Handbook send your entry (with mailing address) to

If your example is selected for the next book on Vision you will receive a free copy of the SPoR Handbook. The source of any entry will not be disclosed in the book.

I have 10 copied to give away and am looking forward to your entry.

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