Proprietary Systems for Root Cause Analysis

Proprietary Systems for Root Cause Analysis


Root cause analysis is probably one of the most neglected tools for incident investigation. How many times do you see corrective actions like: “I have counseled the employee to be more careful” or “oil spill was cleaned up”. Proper root cause analysis or “5 whys” as we used to call it will not only prevent similar incidents but a while lot of others in the process.

There is an interesting discuss on LinkedIn about the subject: See it Here

The software package TapRoot seems to be the one most favoured as the best software tool – Ive never used it – anyone else got any comments about it?

As they say on their WEBSITE:

Many companies have the same type of problems that happen over and over again – safety incidents, equipment failures, quality issues, sentinel events, or production upsets. They try different “fixes” but they just don’t work. TapRooT® is a systematic process for finding the real root causes of problems so that you can fix them once and for all.

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