iAuditor–Safety Auditing App

iAuditor by SafetyCulture Australia In breaking news, TECHCRUNCH reports that: SafetyCulture, the maker of a b2b inspection checklist app called iAuditor, has pulled in a $23 million Series B funding led by Index Ventures…………..The iAuditor app aims to replace paper-based check-lists for safety inspections, to not only speed up checks … Learn more >>>>>

Sherm Risk Management Software

Sherm Risk Management Software THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT ENDORSEMENT or PAID ADVERTISEMENT, JUST SOMETHING WORTH CHECKING OUT I have been talking to Caroline from “Safety For Life” about the success of this system and watching it develop for a couple of years now and am very impressed by the… Learn more >>>>>

Awesome New App

Job Safety Analysis Template Mobile App   This is not a paid advertisement. We’ve tried this and it does work brilliantly.  You will need to determine if it is right for your particular needs. Most of the comments from others relate to being able to configure or adapt it better… Learn more >>>>>